Chiropractic care is great for people of all ages, but it is especially beneficial for children and infants. The birth process is commonly where most trauma begins in a lifetime. When the spine is not checked after birth, spinal misalignment may go undetected.

Common childhood conditions such as ear infections, asthma, colic, difficulty latching and/or breastfeeding and more, have been shown to respond favorably to chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic care has also been found to be a favorable treatment for children with headaches, back pain, scoliosis, neck pain (commonly referred to as “text neck” now) and attention deficit disorder (ADHD).

It is never normal for a child to experience pain! If your child complains of aches and pains, that’s a good indication to get them checked by your local chiropractor.  In experienced hands, chiropractic care can provide your infant, child or teen with a lifetime of health and happiness. If you have any questions regarding care for your child, contact our office to speak with Dr. Amanda personally or schedule an appointment.

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