Pregnancy is a time filled with many different changes for mom-to-be. Some of these changes include fluctuating hormones, weight gain and an alteration of weight distribution. When these stresses occur, the spinal position also begins to alter. The lumbar (low back) and thoracic curvatures (mid back) start to increase, the pelvis opens and the rib cage expands. If the spine is not moving properly, these changes aren’t going to happen as easily as they should. These changes increase the amount of tension that’s placed on the spine. When tension increases on the spine, tension will also increase elsewhere, producing soft tissue pain (think muscles, tendons, ligaments). The ligaments of the uterus (round ligaments), pelvic ligaments and the pelvic bones can all lead to physical discomfort and poor positioning of baby.
Gentle chiropractic care will help ease pregnancy discomfort and get baby into optimal position, but most importantly it will make sure your nervous system is functioning in top shape to help baby continue to grow big and strong. Women who use chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy also report easier, shorter labor times!
Maintaining activity level throughout pregnancy is also a vital component. Chiropractic will help keep you moving and moving well! Pregnancy is not a time to consume medication due to harmful side effects, so chiropractic care can be the answer to help with the discomfort.

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